The Listening Booth presents...

Wing Chan

Release 34. 18th Febuary
2014 ; 17m42s

Same same but different. Same same but different. Same same but different.

"I believe that the repetitious nature in human behavior and society are not meant to

generate an identical output but to experience the differences during the process. A

culture of copy and remade that are fundamentally popular within digital culture. Tribute

bands, karaoke and lip-syncing, etc. My ongoing practice has been focusing on the

characteristic and properties of repetition and simulations in the medium of screen-printing,

sound and video. Through re-recording, re-mixing and re-publishing an iconic musical

artefact (see video Ravel’s Bolero) with an ad-hoc manner by re-recorded a piece of

orchestra music using my own voice mimicking different instruments and re-publish it on a

vinyl disc. The errors during the creation of the copy generates a series of manual errors

which produced a sense of disorientation that provokes the viewers to maintain psychic

assimilation that blurs the boundary between reality and “artificial reality”. The act of

copying thus became an act of iconoclasm that both diminishes the context of the artefact,

at the same time create an autonomous condition that are open for multiple of

interpretation. Copying no longer remain a mocking of originality instead an experience for

understanding the context of the material that it copies. My practice tries to address the

potential and possibility of copying in terms of learning and faith. I set out to scale up the

act of mimicry and copying, to offer not situations but experience, where inner believes

overcome outward appearances, when air guitar provokes more than just music." Wing Chan