The Listening Booth presents...

Tom Milnes

Mind Fullness
5m ; 2016

Mind Fullness, 2016, brings together the artist’s personal collection of relaxation and nature sounds tapes acquired over a period of several years. Bought in charity shops and second hand bulk sales online, the collection represents the diminishing need for both a format and ideal of technology and spiritual alignment. A fad that perhaps promised more than it could fulfil; the idea of peace of mind; of physical transportation to an exotic (perhaps imagined) place.
The sound piece piles multiple relaxing track upon each other to create a cacophony of contrasting and competing noises. Howling wolves, whale cries, chirping birds, crashing waves slowly build and add to the chaos; ultimately confronting the listener to a far from relaxing experience.

The invention and popularity of certain technologies that has created an array of cultures and subcultures reliant upon technology. The specific interchange between the progress of science, technology and our response and adaptability to our environment provides a wide range of mass consumer products to be used as components in artworks.

By disregarding their original function, the actions, uses and representations employed become humorous and playful; the results reminding us of the speed of technological advance, cultural wastage and the fads enjoyed along the way.

Working archaeologically, the understanding of technology’s non-linear development appears as fractured clues in mapping peoples engagement and use of emergent media. Works actively confuse time frames of technology’s emergence to draw parallels between aesthetics or uses of apparently disparate medias.

How to experience the work:
In keeping with the format and trend of relaxation tapes, this is best experience in a personal space with headphones.