The Listening Booth presents...

Stephen Givnan

3m05s ; 2016

'What part does sound play in defining our territory? Can sound (from it’s own side) offer us a place of refuge and safety?
What are our wishes to define territory based upon? Are they beneficial or detrimental to ours and others well being?
Are we imparting our vision or looking for ways to become a part of something other?
When we become immersed in sound does our sense of self become less concrete? Thereby allowing territorial and linear boundaries to be absorbed?
It is my hope that this work is able to ignite gentle, positive disruptions to ordinary ways of thinking. To step away from a limited sense of self and to find meaning in the small stories of everyday interaction.'

Ideally this work should be listened to, through headphones in two different environments: The first should be in a place of solitude and safety, the second time in a space that might afford a slight sense of unease e.g. a subway or a disused building.