The Listening Booth presents...

R. Weis

1h0m26s ; 2008

R. Weis makes compositions of manipulated sound using original samples as raw material.

"I was inspired to make this composition after moving into my 19th-Century Pittsburgh house and discovering that it is a concert hall of amazing squeaks, creaks, slams, groans and moans. I sampled many sounds from the house, from squeaky floorboards to double-hung windows. It was the doors and door hinges, however, that emerged as the real Divas of this Victorian house, each making a combination of descending tones and percussive clacking squeaks. Victoriana is made exclusively from four original samples:

Studio closet door hinges (approximately 5 seconds)

Studio closet door slam (approximately 1/2 second)

Bathroom door hinges (approximately 1/2 second)

Basement door and hinges (approximately 9 seconds)"

Best Experienced in your own home, listening either through speakers of headphones.