The Listening Booth presents...

Peter Martin

Release 27. 21st January 2015
We Take Our Holidays In Spain,

'We Take Our Holidays In Spain' is a tribute to the naivety and fun of italo-disco. It also incorporates Martin's interest in early tourism and package holidays of the 70s and 80s. "I wanted it to be similar to euro disco you might have experienced blaring out of bars on holiday and something you would never be able to find again once you returned home. This is a work for headphones. I'd like people to take this for a run or set it as an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning."

Peter Martin is an artist born in Liverpool and is currently based in S1 Studios in Sheffield. He works predominently with video and sound. Peter’s work is informed by reoccurring patterns within advertising and mainstream media. His work often uses repetition and subverts the gaze within found material.