The Listening Booth presents...

Nico Wyland

4m22s ; 2016

A sound work that functions as the gallery space itself allows the awareness of one's inner creative consciousness,of this inner artist--to expand--and in turn a heightened awareness of the Self and the space around emerges. In this way a simple MP3 can serve as an emblem of gallery installation art itself, and the precious function it serves in society.

When passing in public, sounds and music are often ignored as 'part of the background.’ Sound as art changes this dynamic--in its mere drawing attention to itself, exhibited sound art creates a venue where sounds are appreciated on a new level. This is the core of artistic exhibition, which serves to delineate a space where the art is experienced and awareness is cultivated. The exhibition of sound art, seen this way, is often at its core a showing of the work where the work permeates and defines the space in some way. It is this creation of space, aided by the sound work itself, which suggests that on some essential level, all exhibited sound works function themselves as a gallery space.

'VVS 1' is named after the diamond clarity grading system term for a nearly flawless stone, one that has minute inclusions difficult for a skilled grader to see under strong magnification. The work is intended to stand on it's own, a symbol of transcendence.

This work can be listened to in any number of ways, for differing effects. Played alone in a gallery space creates a perfect environment to experience the kind of ‘spatialization of sound’ that it represents. Listened to alone, with headphones, creates yet another ideal space within space, whether walking through the world or lying at home on a bed. Listening in stereo while driving has yet another subtle effect, in which the passing scenery is put to soundtrack, like a film. The work is meant to capture and highlight the awareness of inner stillness, creativity, and peace.

Nico Wyland is an ambient guitarist and sound artist. Focusing on the way in which the experience of sound draws the listener toward their inner space, she creates genre defying, transcendent works using hypnotic, lush, delicate electric guitar and effects. In this way her art is a kind of play between the concepts of internal and external. The experience of sound becomes both a meditation on sound and the sound of meditation—where ‘the sound of silence’— the space required to listen—is born—and a heightened level of awareness is created.

In such a manner, the sound and the inner silence experienced by the listener are further sensed in the most subtle of ways as continually becoming one—the work, the listener, and space merge into a kind of self contained gallery—a private universe awash in sound. Nico’s work deals with themes of life & death, eternity & agelessness, immortality & the soul, the real & the unreal, the physical & the subtle, true love & romance, destiny & the divine, and dark & light. Nico uses the artist name ‘FerrariLover,’ which is intended as a memorable metaphor for the elusive, exotic, transcendent state in which an artist creates, and great lives are lived.