The Listening Booth presents...

Melyssa Azevedo

The River
8m37s ; 2015

The River is a transportive experience into a world of narrative and emotive sound. The power dynamics of abuse are explored through transcript and memory. Both the automated and the artist’s voice are fragmented by a landscape of sound as they recount the experience of listening to a domestic argument and the associative memories that well up in response. The dialectics of power dynamics are taken from their personal context into a social political history, raising questions into the inherent nature and interdependence of dominance and submission. A tension arises between the speech content and the soothing otherworldly ambience of natural and mechanical sounds. Frequencies 396Hz, 639Hz, and 528Hz from the solfeggio scale are sampled and incorporated. Recordings made under Regent's Canal of didgeridoo, vowel chanting, and the tibetan singing bowl reference ancient sound healing practices now dislocated in a confusion of urbanity.

The listener is encouraged to blindfold themselves, listen with headphones, and to sit or lay down in a quiet and private environment.