The Listening Booth presents...

Marc Evans

3m40s ; 2016

Marc is a student on the Contemporary Arts Practice course at Coventry University, specializing in
sound art. His current project entitled _10 explores the idea of error as intention through the re-
appropriation of hacked electronics and computer software as a means of translating one source of
information (in this case visual) into another, sound.

10.002009 consists of audio samples extracted from twelve images captured using a short circuited
Kodak DC 280. The act of intervention was carried out by detaching the CCD connector and manipulating the circuitry by directly probing the twin IC chips, the resulting snapshots are not of the image seen through the lens but of the cameras internal process as it captures the image.

This piece attempts to marry Marc’s interest in commercial electronic music with the experimental
concerns of sound art. In order to create a more pleasurable listening experience, the samples have
been edited and modified using Ableton Live. Whilst the audio is sourced from visual images, both
components are capable of functioning as stand-alone works of art.

The title of this piece is derived from that of Marc’s current project and is written in such a manner
as to mirror the version number sequences assigned to software updates.

The piece is best experienced through a series of six speakers placed underneath the listener in a
confined, empty private location.