The Listening Booth presents...

Lizzie Masterton

ASMR An Elegy to the Mango
13m53s ; 2015

The sound piece ASMR An Elegy to the Mango is both a sound art work and an ASMR work, depending on the intention of the listener. The artist reflects on the mango as an object, a fruit, a symbol of sexuality and ripeness. She explores post-colonial concepts of totemism and fetishism, and the very human capacity to imbue objects with meaning and power. Triggers include: whispering, microphone touching, spiralling, blowing and squishing, positive affirmations and mangoes.

The work is best listened to with headphones to fully experience the layered, stereo sound, and as the audio is quite quiet. It is up to the listener as to what context they would like to experience the work in: public or private, whenever they feel in need of tingles, relaxation or sleep.