The Listening Booth presents...

Leanne Cunningham

Compositional Venice
16m ; 2016

Compositional Venice is a sound installation based on images and field recordings from Venice, Italy during the 55th Biennial. Producing sounds from the original photographs taken in Venice, (ID codes, together with sound frequencies) placing the letters from code onto a musical stave in order to be played via musical instruments (trumpet and guitar). The composed piece consists of a musical structure, accompanied by another composition of site specific field recordings in order to create a sustainable piece of experimental music. Expanding and exploring the limitations of working with photography and sound simultaneously, I have portrayed my experience of Venice through abstract sound, removing every possibility that my piece is a documented, audio-visual diary. Three elements forming one acoustic composition, presented as an ephemeral installation in order to create an immersive, intimate space for others to experience.

As well as an installation for public engagement, the work has also ben exhibited through headsets / listening posts.