The Listening Booth presents...

Lady Gaby

Release 24. 15th January 2015
Track 1. Wishes of a HUMAN being.
Lady Gaby, produced by Curtis Bila-Günther aka Kurty Kurt
2015; 4m01s

Track 2. Who am I?
Lady Gaby, produced by Curtis Bila-Günther aka Kurty Kurt
2015; 1m57s

"The spoken word piece 'Who am I?' deals with feminist issues and the pressures placed upon women by the media and cultural expectations: identity, self image, confidence and knowing your place as a woman in this patriarchal world. A woman should feel free to know and choose her own role in this world rather than be whatever is wanted of her, she should do this regardless of her origins, religion or sexual orientation. This piece calls out to women to dare be themselves and to posses a healthy, positive body image in order to achieve happiness and self fulfillment.

It should be presented as a sound installation inside a room, where others can hear it and even dance to it if possible and if they desire.

MY WORK IS VERY MUCH INSPIRED BY THE ENVIRONMENT. My surroundings inspire and drive my work: MY WORDS AND MY SITE SPECIFIC INSTALLATION. My creativity comes organically from what I see and what I hear. In the piece, Wishes of a HUMAN Being, I express my desires and hopes for a better world away from consumerism, sexism, capitalism and social injustice. I believe that our values and lifestyles have been influenced too much by the media and corporations that are taking away our self confidence and the need to think for ourselves in what we desire and aim for. Capitalism and new technology have replaced values, identities and cultural traditions by the need to consume, overwork as cheap labour and decrease our personal rights as human beings. My piece deals with the need to overcome this and return to a world where we care for humanity and strive for equal human rights, regardless of race, social status and gender.

The piece will be best experienced in a private setting, with headphones and public comfortably seated in order to concentrate and understand the words. However it can be presented inside a small booth that can fit more people inside as a sound installation, on a loop. The booth could be a room, or a bit larger than a public phone booth where upon the entry of the public the track starts playing. I want my piece to be experienced by as many as possible. "

Lady Gaby