The Listening Booth presents...

Kimberly Beach

Release 14. 7th December 2015
He's got a Pole, You've got a Hole, get the Fuck Home

He's got a Pole, You've got a Hole, get the Fuck Home is a sound piece concentrated on female vulnerability. The sound recording is of the artist's voice, reading out statements that she gathered from friends and news articles of the things women do; consciously or subconsciously while out in public to remain safe. An example being, not wearing headphones whilst walking home alone at night. The idea behind the piece being is that not all men are rapists but all women have to deal with rape in one way or another. Beach took inspiration from her own life and the way she was brought up, having to be home earlier than her younger brothers and her father teaching her how to defend herself from a very young age.

It was, and still is, a sort of blame-the-victim framework, this insistence that women modify their presence in public space, or just give up and stay in, rather than that we transform public space, or men; so that women have the right to walk down the street without being harassed.

It’s from this that Kimberley Beach took inspiration for the title. When asking her father why she had to be home earlier than her younger brothers, his response was, quite vulgar but very directly “He’s got a pole, you’ve got a hole; get the fuck home”. This title works with the piece as it adds a gross and vulgar underbelly to the very strict and un-emotive list formation of the sound, somehow symbolising the distasteful background of female harassment that is often ignored for the more favourable victim blaming.

: Best experienced while walking, running alone.