The Listening Booth presents...

Katharina Zimmerhackl

bel dy zuR
Maastricht, 2016, spoken by Anne Callahan, Francois Dey, Toon Fibbe, Matthew Kneebone, Martin La Roche
Duration: 13:34 (excerpt of the score), total score 96 min

"Belle du jour is the name of a climbing plant that produces new buds every morning. They open during the day and die in the afternoon. Belle du Jour is also the name of a movie by Buñuel, in which a married woman, played by Catherine Deneuve, mysteriously starts working as a daytime-prostitute. This work delves into this allegorical conjunction between female sexuality and the fleeting beauty of nature.
I studied the flowers’ movements and translated them into sounds: How does the friction of the pedals sound, how the contraction of the flower? The translation of the blooming flower into noiselike human sounds adds a disturbing layer between the connection of femininity and nature. The temporal narrativity of the soundpiece relates back to Buñuels movie and can funtion as an alternate soundtrack. The score is written in phonetic language.
Best experienced in a quiet space, in nature or watching the movie "Belle du jour" in mute mode."

Katharina Zimmerhackl (b. 1983, DE) works in the overlapping area of conceptual art and theory. She studied at Academy of Visual Art Leipzig and completed a post-academic artistic research at Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. Her thematic focus lies on visual and literary languages and the production of knowledge, collectivities and collective work, feminism and the social construction of perception & experience as well as history and the reflection on its writing and production. Often, her work reappropriates scientific or artistic methods, resulting in scores or notations as graphic systems of organizing and structuring the researched material. Lately, theatrical and narrative elements of a stage have become part of these participatory notations.