The Listening Booth presents...

Izzy Nakhla

Release 4. 2nd November 2015
2015; 2m55s

Izzy Nakhla's practice combines: recordings of her voice; computer generated compositions; physical objects and video footage into rhythmic cinematic assemblages. She creates environments that materialise the forgotten properties and possibilities of an object or space. Her works emphasises the sonic world as the uncanny and the unconscious. Her practice attempts to move away from linear representation, allowing subjective experience and personal sensation to become the true meaning of the work.

‘Automa’ is an audio work that plays with ways in which the voice, characterisation and music can be substantially altered and transformed with the computer. The work denies the listener any clear narrative, instead presenting characters that tell fragmented stories with no specified context. The work calls on the listener to imagine the possible settings, the time and place in which these stories may or may not exist.

‘Automa’ emphasises sound disconnected from a physical body as sensation and fantasy, whether that be the male and female voices that are sourced from one female in reality, or the clarinet that appears to be holding one wavering note for sixteen bars without taking a breath.

‘Automa’ is best experienced through good quality headphones, in a quiet space whilst the listener is comfortably seated.