The Listening Booth presents...

Isabella Martin

3m12s ; 2015

INTO THIN AIR is an account of moving upwards, thinking about what it is to walk up steps, and occupy spaces that were previously air. It talks about the process of walking up stairs, one voice stretched into four, the account stretched over four floors.

Listen through headphones at the beginning of walking up a long flight of stairs, or take the elevator and play it in fast forward.

Isabella Martin explores how we fit in the world, and how we are formed by our perception of place. She uses language as a means of navigation, in an approach shaped by questioning, conversation and collaboration. Isabella’s work is context specific, driven by a synthesis between experimental play and active research, and ranges from sculpture and sound to performance and participatory projects. Isabella is currently Open House Artist in Residence at Kettles Yard and is a member of the international curatorial and research collective Camp Little Hope. She is based in the east of England and keeps one foot in the sea at all times.