The Listening Booth presents...

Gary Charles

Release 21. 31st December 2015
Compose a Piece / Write a Song / Produce a Track / Smash out a Tune
2015; 6m44s

This audio piece uses a repeated cycle of four phrases to build an evolving, colliding soundscape. The spoken words refer to the differentiated language and vocabulary that is used in various sections of the sound and music­making community. This can be seen as an examination of, or rally against, the separation of what is perceived as ‘high’ or ‘low’ art. These distinctions are impossible to adequately define or fully substantiate. Ultimately, Gary Charles would argue, significance lies more in the creative process itself. A process that, across the sound­making spectrum, holds more commonality than the myriad of outcomes. The repetition of spoken phrases represents a nod to Alvin Lucier’s ‘Sitting in a Room’, a touchstone for sonic artists. However, in this case sonic interference is deliberate and enacted by the artist, not the environment. As the performer recites the four phrases, the resulting audio stream is manipulated and effected through artificial reverb and delay signals. This renders the four phrases inseparable, and the performer finds it difficult to stay on track ­ to keep these notional worlds separate.