The Listening Booth presents...


Nuclear Transmissions Phase 4
6m02s ; 2016

Frauhaus is a creative partnership between Rosie Parsons and Hazel Smoczynska established in 2011 to create responsive artworks. We are drawn to themes relating to place and memory and primarily produce sound art and interactive installations.

Drawing on sound recordings and written memories collected during a two-year project, Nuclear Transmissions: Phase 4 invites the listener to experience the preparations and planning for nuclear attack in the recent past, and contemplate its meaning in the present.

The starting point for this project was the discovery of a BBC transcript of a recording to be played in the event of the deployment of nuclear weapons. Over the course of three installations, we asked participants to create their own recordings of this functional and emotive text and share memories against adversity. This work comprises these recordings layered with found sound and composition, creating a private space to imagine and reflect.

Best experienced through headphones alone, in private.