The Dancing School
17m15s ; 2015

Drusilla Song creates authorial voices that narrate a world blurring video with performance and paintings. With a faux machismo always present, Song composes creepy declarations of love through fatally flawed characters with a mischievous destiny. Seeking to play with the potential of the perverse through writing and connecting the everyday and its instances of method acting with fantasy, gesture and ideology.

’The Dancing School’, is a story about the time Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Marc Bolan met and created a school. This sound piece sees the audience begin by looking at a kink, then guided through the imagined spaces of the school and introduced to its dwellers.

Originally, this piece was exhibited as part sound installation, part alternative tour of an art school; with several stations throughout the building. The listener immersed themselves in the story, in the imaginary in-between spaces of the school.