The Listening Booth presents...

Deborah Humm

Rhythm Two
2m53s ; 2014

Terry Perk is reading one of Deborah's poem formations 'Rhythm 2' expressing exaggerated gestures and broken language.

Writing has always formed part of Deborah's practice, language and the use of it has become integral, the words are coming first and then the performance, which leads to the film. Poetry and creative formation of language, non-language and para-language, using Concrete Poetry and Oulipo’s constraints weaved with intertextuality gleaned from a continual archaeological dig ‘n’ surf for knowledge to express bodily complex nerve issues. Focusing on (mis)communication between brain and body, caused by demyelination, breaking connectivity and resulting in profound, perplexing and random external manifestations. Invoking the active reader taking them to the next level. What it is to be human.