The Listening Booth presents...

Cal Jackson

1m48s ; 2016

YOU I.2 explores the concept of language and communication in a distorted and unsettling spatial structure. Creating an alienated language which evolves to connect to what might be and what there potentially is. The space acts as a conversational stance which disturbs the formality of human behavior, socially threatening and disturbing the viewer. Where the listener is transported to another time, space, and emotion. The piece invites you to question beyond the formal, historical and social constructs of what we live by and invent something new in the mind and space.

Cal Jackson is a minimal sound and installation Artist where he is currently studying Fine Art in Sheffield Hallam University. His practice challenges the potential of what minimalism could achieve within a controlled space. Where disturbances (the physical or non-physical appropriations) are created to alter the relationship the piece has within the space. Continually questioning what the piece stands for.