The Listening Booth presents...

Aya Maru

4’33” Variation 01
4m33s ; 2015

Variation 01 is the child of sampling and drastic digital manipulation. The artist follows the rules of 4’33” by not playing any instrument (conventional or unconventional), instead manipulating a 7” record. The piece is riddled with manipulation defects, supplying this variation with accidents reminiscent of the original score. Reverberated pops, sibilant expressions, record crackle – accidents almost human – like the clap of hands, the sibilant S, low breath and the rustling of clothing.

Maru perceives the work as “ideal for vacant space” and observes the sound as if inspecting the unoccupied interiors that inform her practice.

She recommends you allow the sound to replace your current sonic environment entirely.