The Listening Booth presents...

Anna Pickles Harvey

Release 7. 12th November 2015
'[…]Park Archive'
2015; 1m10s

Anna Pickles Harvey is a London based artist who utilises text, performance and video in order to investigate the concerns of her practice. These concerns centre around language, and focus particularly on the relationship between word and image, the limitations of signification, and the production of meaning . This is part of a wider, long-term exploration into what lies 'outside the frame', or what is not: all of her work is ultimately an attempt to capture the invisible, unutterable or ephemeral.

'[…]Park Archive' questions our tendency to superimpose language - and its inherent structures - onto the Universe and everything in it. It takes an existing catalogue of trees growing in Abney Park Cemetery as its starting point, and explores the imposition of narrative, and a human-centric understanding of time, upon plants and other non-human organisms, and gestures towards the futility of order, rigidity and structure in the face of the wordless, figural space of desire and chaos that characterises experience and perception.
If possible, this piece should be listened to in very quiet place.