The Listening Booth presents...

Alan Dunn & Jeff Young

Release 32. 11th February
36 Compositions for a Woolton Jukebox
2005 ; 39m08s

Thirty-six interviews, readings and recordings by Alan Dunn and Jeff

Young to be played on a jukebox in the Woolton area of Liverpool.

These works explored suppressed desires to smash glass, the

acoustics of bells, intimate knowledge of Russian literature and the

graveyard of one Eleanor Rigby. See

36 Compositions for a Woolton jukebox is a single work in response to

Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier’s folly Outhouse installed in

Woolton in 2005. It is the inner noises from a quiet suburban middle-

class outpost. Artists Alan Dunn and Jeff Young have collaborated on

a series of soundworks including SuperBlock (BBC Radio 3), Artists'

uses of the word revolution (CD), The Zone (AIR/EAR Radio, Santa

Fe), All the lonely people (ResonanceFM) and The Ghost Telegrams

with Ron Moody and Paul Simpson.

Best listened to on a jukebox in a Woolton pub.