The Listening Booth presents...

Abigail Stokes & Niamh Simpson

9m53s ; 2015

'Theism’ tells of a younger generation, working together, connecting the Protestant and Catholic Church. Both artists have religious upbringings; however over time it has become affluent in Abigail’s family and redundant in Niamh’s.
As the Simpson family recite the Hail Mary, it jars and falters showing they are no longer familiar with the prayer, there is even a hint of reluctance in their voices. The layering of the sound alludes to this unfamiliar and confused territory that religion has become for them. In three interludes Abigail speaks of her life as a vicar’s daughter in the Church of England. The confessional flow of speech leads the listener’s imagination, gradually revealing her family’s association with religion whilst playing with the idea of what ordinary family life is.
While the relevance of religion is often questioned in the 21st century the juxtaposition of the two accounts offers the listener a chance to compare family life and faith, both from a Catholic and Protestant angle and draw their own conclusions.

Either played out loud to an audience who are sat in a uniform row of chairs for church like feel or in a confined space with headphones/ or on a low volume to echo a confession booth.