The Listening Booth presents...

A Taxi for my Uncle

Release 28. 25th January 2015
Track 1.
Speckled with the spit of a liar
2015 ; 4m44s

Track 2.
In A Place Like This You Dont Blow On Your Soup, You Fan It With Your Hat
2014 ; 3m15s

Simon Coates is an English artist living and working in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Billed as a noise
sound system, he makes work as A Taxi For My Uncle, a project that is designed to re-frame sound art within
the context of traditional reggae sound system meters and tropes. The influences may not always
be immediately apparent but can exist in the spatial codes and sound treatments that are a fundamental part
of dub music aesthetic, for example. A Taxi For My Uncle sound art pieces have been used as part of Glasgow's
Radiophrenia sound project and the PNEM sound art festival in Uden. Coates is also behind Tse Tse Fly, the
Middle East's sound art and experimental noise platform that revolves around sound art club nights in Dubai.